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Peach Pistachio Galette


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One of the worst things in the world is comparing ourselves to others. And yet, I’m very prone to doing this myself, from time to time. And like every time before, it leaves me feeling vulnerable, untalented and completely imperfect. I think the imperfect part is ok; I mean, we’re all imperfect, right? And I do know that in the grand scheme of life, and my happiness, none of it matters. None of it. But why do I still do it? Why do you do it? It’s hard not to. It just is. But I think we should stop. There’s nothing productive or healthy about it.

I usually have some sort of comment about Catfish or Nev’s tramp stamp (we’ll talk about how Nev’s tramp stamp has its own Twitter later) but today this is on my mind; perfectionism, not letting it completely consume you, make you feel awful. I think there’s room for everyone in this world. I think everyone has their own unique voice, experience and point of view that makes them different and special, as lame and cheesy as that sounds.

Peach Pistachio Galette_3

Yesterday when I was feeling down and out, I listened to David Foster Wallace’s famous commencement speech, This Is Water. It might be one of my favorite things to listen to EVER when I’m feeling terrible. It puts things into perspective. And this Blank on Blank on perfectionism is, well, perfection.

This galette is totally imperfect (the way galettes should be, I think). It combines late summer fruit and fall spices like ginger, cinnamon and ground coffee. I loved it. The crust is special, too. There’s a bit of apple cider vinegar in the crust which adds the perfect amount of tenderness. Baking this made me so excited for pie season. A Pie Week is coming at you this season. I’m already plotting.

For this whole recipe situation, hop over to PBS Food.

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Cardamom Pistachio Quickbread


I’m in the mood to talk about ice cream…so we’re gonna do that.

Ice cream flavors. So many to choose from! They can say so much about a person, am I right? As a kid, what was your go-to flavor? Let’s dicusss…

Popular flavor #1: Bubble gum ice cream. That was usually the girly-girl. I always considered it a stupid flavor. Very ill-conceived. The gum gets all hard and unchewable, too sweet and a lil’ too pink. If Barbie was a real life living girl, I’d bet she’d order bubble gum ice cream.

Popular flavor #2 & #3: Vanilla and chocolate. Straight, narrow and safe. But you know, sometimes you want something delicious and basic. Almost like a great pair of fitted jeans or the perfect white tee. Basics are cool. I feel like the straight-A student went with vanilla and chocolate. (I’m totally putting people in boxes right now!! Ice cream boxes!!)

Popular flavor #4 & #5: Mint chocolate chip and cookies n’ cream. These two flavors are totally interchangeable. They’re practicality the same thing: vanilla ice cream with oreos or refreshing chocolate. All of my friends ordered these flavors. Solid choices. For the record, I respect these ice cream flavors.

Weirdo flavor #1: Pistachio. Ahhhh yea! That was allll me. I was the strange 6 year old asking for pistachio. I think some adults liked to think I had fancy taste, but really it was just the light green color that I loved so much. And, I liked rebellious ice cream flavors. Pistachio ice cream is like the ugly mutt of the ice cream world.

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